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  • Every skin treatment is precisely prepared for your skin type. Face mapping – skin analyse – before each treatment free

  • Home care program we will prepare for you and / or long-term skin care program – antiaging, rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, acne, sensitivity, etc.

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Skin revitalization – Biolumin vitamin C
The uniquote vitamin C complex uses two highly stable forms of vitamin C, which it fights against oxidative stress and dull skin clearer, firmer and more radiant. It acceleratess cells, renewal, helping to remove dead cells from the top layers of the skin, revealing more radiant skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

60 min – 1890 CZK


Ultracalming treatment Dermalogica – sensitive, sensitized, alergic skin

This unique system UltraCalming ™ relieves skin from redness, feeling of tension and inflammation and soothes her reaction to stressful factors. Soothes immunogenic inflammation, neurogenic inflammation and strengthens the skin lipid barrier. Treatment strengthens defenses skin and restore her health. Super hydrating.
60 min – 1490 czk

Hydrating treatment Dermalogica – mixed, dry, sensitized skin

A super-hydrating treatment revitalize dry, parched skin, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Lipids and nutrient-rich Algae Extract and many others help restore moisture balance and hydrate tissues to smooth skin, to improve suppleness and minimize fine lines.
60 min – 1490 czk

MediBac Clearing Dermalogica – oily, acne, inflammations

Suitable for congested skin outbreaks of adult population with partially oily and acne prone skin conditions. Either attributed by hormonal fluctuations or heightened level of stress triggers and other contributing factors. Formulated to improve skin clarity, accelerates healing process, reduce blemishes and sooth away irritation while repairing and calming inflamed skin, cleans clogged follicles, decreases enlarged pores. Provided with ultrasound peeling.
60 min – 1490 czk             90 min – 1790 czk 

Chemical Peel Face – 1700 czk /3x – 6x 1500 czk/

Body BACK – Purifying back treatment
30 min – 1290 czk
60 min – 1590 czk
60 min – Oxygen microdermabrasion – 2000 czk


AgeSmart treatment Dermalogica – first signs of aging, mature, dry skin

Suitable for mature or prematurely-aging skin, sun damaged and dry skin. Decreased skin elasticity, dehydrated or dry and congested skin. Enriched with powerful concentrated antioxidant vitamins, exclusively firms, regenerates collagen, nourishes and helps control age-related hyperpigmentation.

60 min – 1490 czk, 80 min – 1790 czk/incl. deep skin clearing

90 min – luxury care incl. IonActive ultrasound mesotherapy  – 2200 czk

Collagen Refill Technology – Anti-aging programme

FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – stimulates collagen remodeling,  the best skin tightening, rejuvenation and refreshing for tired and mature skin, smoothing of scarfs and skin after acne, leaving it supple and silky texture.

  • face – 3500 czk/ +upper lid 3800 czk
  • eye zone incl. upper lid – 2500 czk
  • forehead – 1500 czk
  • cheeks – 2500 czk – smooth and improve the skin after acne
  • underchin and neck – 3000 czk
  • decollete – 2000 czk

Pure Bright System Dermalogica –  discolorated skin and hyperpigmentation

Suitable for skin discoloration and pigmentation concerns. This hydroquinone-free brightening system works to prevent the appearance of brown patches or hyperpigmentation. Ultrasound mesotherapy incl. IonActive Oligopeptides.
60 min – 1490 czk, recommended 4-6 treatments and daily home care

For STUDENTS – basic skin treatment, skin care recommendations

Deep clearing of the skin – acne, comedones, pore reduction
Soothing delicate skin, dehydrated, very dry skin, eczema
Deep peelings, ultrasound peeling, etc…

60 min/1290 czk

Face massage  – all skin types

Lifting massage incl. face, neck and decolleté
30 min – 790 czk

Eyes micro-massage – all skin types, wrinkles, swollen, tired eyes

Your eyes will be shining: decreasing bags under your eyes, reduced eye pressure, strenghtening the eyes, reduced wrinkles and strenghtened eyebrow, perfect for tired eyes, incl. hydrating and calming eye masque. Incl. ultrasound eye lift masque.
30 min – 790 czk/ with facial 490 czk

Eyebrows shaping and tinting during facial:

  • Eyelashes / eyebrows tinting: 250 / 100 czk
  • Eyebrows shaping / corrections: 100 / 250 czk

Eyebrows shaping and tinting separately:  

  • Eyelashes/eyebrows tinting: 300/200 czk
  • Eyebrows shaping/corrections: 100/350


Eyebrows Corrections – new shape

Improving and change the shape of eyebrow – 300 – 600 czk

HairPlus Serum longer and more eyelashes in couple weeks  – 2280 czk

Short make-up after facial

200 czk/cca 10 min


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