Skin tags/Pigment spots

Removal of skin growths and pigment spots

The most modern solution for removing superficial skin defects.

Unlike all other cryosurgical devices, it uses the so-called “soft freezing” – milder cold destruction of aesthetically undesirable skin manifestations with fast healing and excellent aesthetic effect

▪ Pigment stains

▪ Age spots

▪ Solar pigment spots

▪ Hemangiomas

▪ Fibromes

▪ Warts

▪ Unwanted skin growths

Main advantages:

▪ Accurate and safe does not interfere with surrounding tissue

▪ Painless because cold is also used as an anesthetic


Price: from 500 czk (small growths) – 800 czk (warts, hyperpigmentation spots) and is determined in advance during the consultation according to the extent, quantity and size of skin growths